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Grey's Anatomy (2005-)
Role: Dr Meredith Grey
Created by: Shonda Rhimes
Status: Filming Season 11
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Grey’s Anatomy’s Shonda Rhimes Teases Half-Sister Twist, Possible New Romance

Grey’s Anatomy may have shocked fans with another half-sister twist, but we actually should’ve seen it coming all along!

In the season finale, the new head of cardio Margaret Pierce (Kelly McCreary) was revealed to be the half-sister of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), whom their mother Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) gave up for adoption. Her father? Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr)!

How will Meredith react to this new revelation, especially in the wake of Cristina (Sandra Oh) leaving? sat down with showrunner Shonda Rhimes to discuss the upcoming season, including the state of Meredith and Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) marriage after her sudden decision to stay in Seattle, how Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will change the dynamic and how Alex (Justin Chambers) becoming a board member will shake up the hospital.

Will there be a time jump when Grey’s returns?
Shonda Rhimes:
No. We’re not going to time jump.

Introducing Maggie on the show is different from the other half-sisters because it also affects Richard. How will this change the hospital dynamic and how will you handle explaining how Ellis Grey was able to hide this pregnancy?
What’s interesting for us is that Maggie has been a piece of story that we have had and known about since Season 4 — well, honestly since the beginning. That was one of the original pieces of story since the beginning with the Richard-Ellis dynamic, but it’s been a piece of story since Season 4 when we talked about introducing her. We were going, “When’s the right time?!” and we were holding it forever. I kept going, “Not this season, it’s not right.” After a while, I was like, “We’re never going to introduce it. The show is going to end without it.” Every time I thought the show was going to end, I was like, “Ah!” Then we hit this moment in time and I remember walking into the writers’ room and going, “You guys, it’s time.” And all the writers knew exactly what I was talking about. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Because we’ve all known about it for so long, it’s always been layered it. It’s not a thing where we’re going in and backdating. It’s literally always been layered into the story line. We can literally go back and pull out moments of the show and I’m excited to do so, and point out where it was talked about. It’s not going to be so hard to do.



By Mel on Jul 16, 14 • Categories: Grey's Anatomy (2005-Current), News, Projects, Season 11

New Gallery Layout

I have designed a new layout for our gallery, I hope you all like it!


By Mel on May 24, 14 • Categories: Photo Gallery, Site

Domain Change

This has been apparent for awhile now but I managed to acquire a domain I have been trying to secure for years and it finally happened.  We are now permanently at this domain and all other domains are now re-directing!


By Mel on May 24, 14 • Categories: Site

By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2014, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

May 2, 2014: Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets

I have added photos of Ellen with her Husband and Drake at basketball game on May 2.

Gallery Link:
- May 02: Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets


By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2014, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2011, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

November 4, 2010: Jimmy Kimmel Live

I have added 4 more image of Ellen on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 4, 2010.

Gallery Link:
- November 04: Jimmy Kimmel Live x4


By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2010, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2009, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2008, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

By Mel on May 21, 14 • Categories: 2007, Photo Gallery, Public Appearances

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