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Weekly Episode Information: What’s Inside

Sorry it took me so long to post this, I,ve started a new job and needed time to settle in. I should resume adding other episodes soon as well. Put yourself in pandora’s shoes. she’s given a gift… …A wondrous box, filled with things she never even knew existed. of course she opened it. Wouldn’t you? Episode Title: What’s Inside

Grey’s Anatomy 13×19 – “What’s Inside” Screencaptures

Screencaptures of last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy have been added to the gallery. Gallery Links: Season Thirteen > Episode Screencaptures: 13×19 – What’s Inside

Grey’s Anatomy 13×19 “What’s Inside” Sneak Peek 1 & 2

2 sneak peek with Meredith this week.

Weekly Episode Information: Be Still, My Soul

I think about my mom’s note all the time. “Tell Meredith not too”… Not to cave? Not to care? Not to give up so easily? Not to fall in love? Not to have children? Not to tell a lie? She left me wondering…What to do, what not to do. She left me knowing everything was up to me. And me

Grey’s Anatomy 13×18 – “Be Still, My Soul” Screencaptures

It was a very good episode this week and Ellen did a fabulous job directing it. I’m currently working on the page for this episode it will be ready shortly. Gallery Links: Season Thirteen > Episode Screencaptures: 13×18 – Be Still, My Soul

Grey’s Anatomy 13×19 “What’s Inside” Additional Pictures

“What’s Inside” – When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she’s not the right one for the job while Stephanie makes a mistake, treating one of Grey Sloan’s own. Gallery Links: Season Thirteen > Episode Stills: 13×19 – What’s Inside

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: On the Set as Ellen Pompeo Makes Her Directorial Debut

It’s a crisp early February day in Hollywood and Ellen Pompeo has abandoned Meredith’s typical scrubs and style for her own jeans and T-shirt as she pulls double duty on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Welcome to Pompeo’s first-ever time behind the camera: the actress, who has spent 13 seasons performing countless surgeries and perhaps even more soapy scenes in the Shondaland