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There is a lot of episodes to catch up on so this is to catch up on newest episode each week.

Added information, clips & transcript of the week Grey’s Anatomy.

Stuff comes apart. An eggshell is never gonna come back together. A window will never unbreak. It’s called the second law of thermodynamics. It’s also called life. Stuff rarely comes together. But it’ll always come apart.

Episode Title: Till I Hear It From You
Episode Number: Season Thirteen Episode Seventeen
Directed By: Kevin McKidd
Written By: Austin Guzman
Original Airdate: October 23, 2015
Ratings: 7.80 Millions
Maggie’s mother returns to Grey Sloan, but Maggie is still in the dark as to why she’s really there. Owen and Amelia hash out their problems as they work a trauma case together, and Bailey tries to mend her relationship with Richard.

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Till I Hear It From You Screencaptures


Picking up Maggie’s mom. (1:30)
Riggs ask Meredith if she thought about what he said. (0:44)
Her reasons… Are for sex. (1:32)
Are you serious or aren’t you? (1:17)
You should ask me out to dinner. (1:32)