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  Chanel   05 02 2018   Comment?

Ellen attended the Young Living Event in NYC today and she looked STUNNING. I’ve added a few pics in the gallery.

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  Chanel   04 15 2018   Comment?

Added some new gorgeous pictures of Ellen from last night:)

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  Chanel   03 24 2018   Comment?

On March 22 Ellen attended the UCLA’s 2018 Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Gala. You can view some pictures of the event in the gallery. Ellen is really stunning.

when @ellenpompeo prefers to live tweet instead of talking to me.

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does she even know we came together to this event? @ellenpompeo

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  Chanel   01 11 2018   Comment?

Here’s some more pictures of Ellen directing an episode of Grey’s and also a new instagram picture of her and her friend Sam.
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  Chanel   01 10 2018   Comment?

Ellen is back to work and back to directing a new episode of Grey’s anatomy and she look stunning.
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  Chanel   02 11 2017   Comment?

On Friday Ellen posted a selfie on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

@shondarhimes directing in pajamas and wet hair Don't care #shondalandproblems❤️❤️❤️

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  Chanel   02 04 2017   Comment?

Ellen has been busy directing her first Grey’s Anatomy episode and have been active on instagram and especially loved her instagram video with Camilla. Check out pics/video of her below. Very excited to see the episode she directed.

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  Chanel   01 26 2017   Comment?

Gorgeous video posted by melaniestylez on instagram.

So excited for Greys Anatomy tonight✨ #behindthescenes #beauty #hairporn

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  Chanel   01 14 2017   Comment?

Lately we’ve been so blessed with many instagram pictures and video of our Queen. See them below

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