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Ellen Pompeo is looking to bring the flavor of Grey’s Anatomy to the courtroom.

The actress-producer is teaming with ABC to adapt Colombian format La Ley Del Corazon as an ABC drama called Big Law.

Big Law, which is in development at the network, is described as a modern look at a large LA law firm and what it takes to survive and thrive in our work obsessed society. The line between our lawyers professional and personal lives are increasingly blurred and moral ambiguity is a job requirement.

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Added tons of pics of Ellen at The Last Tycoon Premiere kast night.

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What a stunning home. Ellen really does have great taste.
0817-ad-pomp02-01-newWhen Ellen Pompeo talks about overhauling her vacation home in Sag Harbor—a “modern barn,” as she calls it—the story quickly creeps into comedic territory. It seems from the moment the Grey’s Anatomy star purchased the property eight years ago, while pregnant with her daughter Stella, things did not go according to plan. “I loved the history of the property. There was a cabin, which was built by a woman who was a civil rights activist lawyer. She actually built it with her own two hands,” Pompeo explains. “Originally, I was given the advice to build on the original footprint of the cabin, because it would save time and money. Well, it didn’t save either,” she laughs.
The plan was to turn the cabin into the guest house and build a larger main house next door, but the main residence took a backseat to a different project: a beach house on the West Coast. “A house in Malibu that I had fallen in love with became available, so I abandoned the original plan, and I don’t know if I will ever end up building the main house in Sag Harbor,” she says. With construction finished on the guest house—which would now have to function as the main house—Pompeo set out to tackle the decorating process. Working with a fraction of the footprint she’d imagined for the main house would be a challenge, and it wasn’t long before she ran into another snag. “I hired the architect as a decorator as well,” she explains—and their aesthetics just didn’t jive. After they parted ways, Pompeo—a serious design enthusiast—did some decorating on her own, but her dreamy Malibu home required more of her attention and the Sag Harbor property was temporarily forgotten.
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It’s a crisp early February day in Hollywood and Ellen Pompeo has abandoned Meredith’s typical scrubs and style for her own jeans and T-shirt as she pulls double duty on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Welcome to Pompeo’s first-ever time behind the camera: the actress, who has spent 13 seasons performing countless surgeries and perhaps even more soapy scenes in the Shondaland medical drama, is making her directorial debut.

With a portable speaker blaring classic rock from bands like Led Zeppelin and Journey, Pompeo shuttles from behind the camera bank to be closer to her co-stars between takes as she offers further direction on her vision for scenes in what promises to be an emotional hour infused with the humor and banter reminiscent of early season Grey’s Anatomy.

Inspired by executive producer and frequent director Debbie Allen — as well as creator Shonda Rhimes and her Year of Yes book — Pompeo initially balked at the idea that she add director to a résumé that includes development executive and running a production company.

“I have a new baby at home, two other adorable little kids, a husband, three dogs, four chickens and a fish and I told Debbie that I couldn’t possibly be here another minute than I already am,” Pompeo told The Hollywood Reporter during a break from directing at a February set visit.

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New BTS video from Good Morning America of Ellen directing Grey’s Anatomy Episode 13×18.

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I love when Ellen goes to the Ellen show these are some of her best interviews.

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Ellen interviewed by ET Canada at the Paleyfest mostly talk about her baby boy.

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LET'S GO! POWER TO THE WOMEN ✊️✊?✊?✊?✊?✊??❤ #greyswalkout #internationalwomensday #greysanatomy

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