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This one featuring The Catch/Mireille Enos instead of Viola Davis/HTGAWM. The Ladies look gorgeous.

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This video autoplay which can be very annoying. Click continue reading below if you want to see it.

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On Friday Ellen posted a selfie on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.

@shondarhimes directing in pajamas and wet hair Don't care #shondalandproblems❤️❤️❤️

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Ellen has been busy directing her first Grey’s Anatomy episode and have been active on instagram and especially loved her instagram video with Camilla. Check out pics/video of her below. Very excited to see the episode she directed.

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Remember Ellen Pompeo as Will Ferrell’s frustrated love interest in the rowdy comedy Old School? Somehow, since Ferrell went streaking through that quad in 2003, she hasn’t aged. Her secret? There isn’t one. Pompeo says she is careful about what she puts into her body, and the results speak for themselves.

“I work out every day. I get 40 minutes of cardio in every single day. For your skin you need that,” she tells Yahoo Style. “I eat really clean. I’ve been on a quest to eliminate animal products from my diet. I’m 80-20.”

As for fillers or injectables, which render the visages of so many of her peers oddly immobile, she says, “I don’t do Botox. I don’t have anything in my face.”

Get ready to see more of Pompeo on Thursday, when Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy returns. On the show, she is widowed mom Dr. Meredith Grey, sharing her house with her half-sister, Maggie. When the show last aired, the emotionally jarring episode dealt with the aftermath of a collapsed building and all the victims who didn’t make it — and the cliffhanger of whether Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) would stand trial for assault or take a plea deal, with Meredith pushing for him to go to court.

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Gorgeous video posted by melaniestylez on instagram.

So excited for Greys Anatomy tonight✨ #behindthescenes #beauty #hairporn

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It took 13 years, but Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo will boldly follow in several of her co-stars’ footsteps when she directs an episode of the ABC medical drama this spring, TVLine has learned.
Pompeo’s episode will go into production in early February and air later this season.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has a long history of embracing her actors’ directorial ambitions. On Grey’s, Chandra Wilson and Kevin McKidd are essentially part of the show’s regular directing rotation, with each helming several episodes a season.
ABC confirmed Pompeo’s inaugural directing effort, but declined to provide details about the episode’s storyline. It’s probably safe to say Meredith will be used sparingly though.