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  Chanel   10 15 2017   Comment?

Ellen was a busy girl yesterday I’ve added some pictures.

  Chanel   09 21 2017   Comment?

Added a few pictures of Ellen at the ADCOLOR Awards.

  Chanel   07 28 2017   Comment?

Added tons of pics of Ellen at The Last Tycoon Premiere kast night.

  Chanel   03 20 2017   Comment?

Added many beautiful paleyfest pictures. I would like to thank Kim for the pictures its much much appreciated and Ellen is soo gorgeous:)

  Chanel   01 23 2017   Comment?

Hey, sorry it took so long to add these. Thanks to Kimmers for the pics.

  Chanel   12 10 2016   Comment?

Added pictures of Ellen at the 2016 March of Dimes Celebration of Babies event in the gallery.

  Chanel   12 04 2016   Comment?

Like Promised earlier I’ve added 2007 events pictures in the gallery.

  Chanel   12 03 2016   Comment?

Happy to report that I am done sorting through my messy events folder. I’ve added 900+ events pictures of 2006 and I will most likely add 2007 later tonight.

  Chanel   09 23 2016   Comment?