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It was a very good episode this week and Ellen did a fabulous job directing it. I’m currently working on the page for this episode it will be ready shortly.

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A bit late but better late than never:)

Episode Title: Bend & Break
Episode Number: Season Eleven Episode Five
Directed By: Jesse Bochco
Written By: Meg Marinis
Original Airdate: October 23, 2014
Ratings: 8.62 Millions
Callie and Arizona find themselves in marriage counseling where the counselor suggests a 30-day separation with the rules of no talking or sexual activity. During their separation, Arizona is granted more time to focus on her fellowship and sharpen her fetal surgery skills; however, she messes up one too many times which upsets Dr. Herman. Alex also becomes angry at Arizona after going against his decision on a case. Meanwhile, Callie becomes closer to Meredith as they both are having marital problems. After a successful 30 day separation, Arizona expresses her love to Callie and says she needs her. Callie does not reciprocate and says that she felt free during the separation and needs more time to love herself.

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Bend & Break Episode Stills
Bend & Break Screencaptures


Meredith & Callie discussing a patient. (1:09)
Sorry, I have my own stuff. (0:35)
Meredith & Callie drinking scene. (1:52)
How is the diet? (1:03)
Finding a fix. (1:45)
Meredith & Callie in the OR.(0:40)
Always up for cheeseburgers & Tequila.(0:49)

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Added screencaptures of last night’s episode. Enjoy!

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I’ve added screencaptures of Ellen in Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 1 to 16 in the gallery. I will add the rest shortly.

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Finally done adding season 7 screencaptures in the gallery.