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  Chanel   03 28 2017   Comment?

“In the Air Tonight” – Meredith and Nathan have to confront their feelings when they are are stuck sitting next to each other on a plane.

  Chanel   03 23 2017   Comment?

TV line got the first picture of the Meredith/Nathan centric episode set on a airplane “In The Air Tonight” airing on April 13.


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*Note: This episode will be airing after 13×18. The Meredith/Nathan centrics (13×19) have been pushed.

“What’s Inside” – When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she’s not the right one for the job while Stephanie makes a mistake, treating one of Grey Sloan’s own.

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“Be Still, My Soul” – When Maggie’s mom’s health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds over how to treat her. Meanwhile, Richard comes to grips with Bailey’s betrayal over the Residency Program.

  Chanel   02 24 2017   Comment?

Wow finally some promo pics with Mer, it been a while. Since episode 13×08 to be exact. I say we were overdue.

  Chanel   10 26 2016   Comment?

“The Room Where It Happens” – A difficult surgery brings back pivotal memories for Meredith, Richard, Owen and Stephanie, as they work together to save a life.

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“Both Sides Now” – Meredith and Bailey are at odds when both of their patients need a liver transplant, Owen seeks help from the other doctors when he is charged with babysitting baby Harriet for the day, and Amelia struggles with telling Owen some important news, on “Grey’s Anatomy,”

  Chanel   09 26 2016   Comment?

Alex tries to do the right thing but still can’t catch a break. Jackson and April adjust to their “new normal” with the baby. While Meredith and Nathan establish what’s going on between them, Amelia questions the state of her relationship with Owen, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.

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