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Ellen Pompeo is looking to bring the flavor of Grey’s Anatomy to the courtroom.

The actress-producer is teaming with ABC to adapt Colombian format La Ley Del Corazon as an ABC drama called Big Law.

Big Law, which is in development at the network, is described as a modern look at a large LA law firm and what it takes to survive and thrive in our work obsessed society. The line between our lawyers professional and personal lives are increasingly blurred and moral ambiguity is a job requirement.

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Meredith and Nathan

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What a wonderful ride its been. Congratulation Ellen Pompeo, Shonda Rhimes and the entire cast and crew, We the fans are so appreciative of it all. SEASON 14 AND STILL GOING STRONG. The cast and crew have been pretty active during the party here is some pictures and video with Ellen.

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Added some more episode stills of 14×01 Break Down the House.