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Added screencaps of the latest episode of Grey’s in the gallery. You can also see the promo of next week’s episode below.

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Amelia and Koracick tackle a daunting surgery on Catherine while Richard and Jackson hope for the best. Meanwhile, Richard urges Meredith to visit her father, Thatcher (Jeff Perry), before his time is up.

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Added pictures of episode 15×11 in the gallery.

A patient gives Meredith some clarity on her dating situation around the holidays. The strain on Bailey and Ben’s marriage comes to a head. Meanwhile, Betty drops a bomb on Owen and Amelia.

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Added screencaps of the latest episode of Grey’s in the gallery titled Shelter From The Storm.

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Episode stills of 15×09 were added in the gallery.

The windstorm continues to blow through Seattle; and after the power goes out at Grey Sloan, the doctors are left scrambling to save their patients’ lives, including Meredith who desperately needs to get to Cece for her heart transplant. Meanwhile, Owen, Amelia and Teddy confront their complicated situation.

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Added promotional pictures and stills of season 7 in the gallery.

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Added promotional pictures and stills of season 6 in the gallery.

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I’m sorting through my Grey’s Anatomy folder and added some season 5 pictures yesterday and season 4 a while back I’ve sorted through season 6 and will add them in a few and when all of this is done I will catch up on caps and dvd extras:)

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And then there were two. Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff confirms that Meredith’s crowded Season 15 dance card now contains just two names: DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Link (Chris Carmack).

“Her dating adventure has boiled down to [that] triangle,” the EP tells TVLine. “I can’t reveal more than that.”

As you will recall, Vernoff over the summer teased, “The question this season is not ‘Will Meredith Grey find love again,’ but ‘With whom will she find love?’”

Considering that the fall finale ended with Mer being trapped in an elevator with DeLuca, conventional wisdom suggests the surgical resident has the upper hand heading into the Jan. 17 midseason premiere. And while Vernoff promises that the maybe-couple will emerge from captivity “with a deeper understanding of each other” (and, in Mer’s case, some kickass Princess Leia braids; see below), she notes that Link will soon get some one-on-one time with Grey as well. “In Episode 10, Meredith will get to know Link better,” Vernoff previews. “She gets to know DeLuca better in [Episode 9, aka the midseason premiere], and she gets to know Link better in 10.”

And to those fans who grumble that neither gentleman caller has the life experience to truly go toe-to-toe with Mer, Vernoff argues, “Viewers don’t yet know all of DeLuca’s life experience. And they don’t yet know all of Link’s life experience.

“And if life experience is code for age, then I would ask those viewers to look at the double standard,” she adds. “Because they never questioned Meredith for Derek even though there was an age difference.”