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Added stills, promotional pictures & screencaptures of Grey’s Anatomy season 3.

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After a stellar year that saw Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder air on one night — now fondly dubbed TGIT — Viola Davis snag an Emmy, and boss Shonda Rhimes become a household name, everyone wants to ride the roller coaster that is Shondaland. EW takes you behind the scenes with the cast and creative minds to get the inside dirt on what’s becoming the premier place to work:

Biggest highlight of 2015
ELLEN POMPEO: Denzel Washington directing Episode 1209, without a question. [He’s] amazing. Let’s just say I’m a huge fan. It’s a total dream come true.

Most difficult part of 2015
ELLEN POMPEO: Certainly the last year was very, very difficult. Losing Patrick was huge.

Best compliment of 2015
ELLEN POMPEO: Honestly the biggest compliments are the fans complimenting my acting. That’s really the biggest compliment to me, is when the fans tweet me when they’re watching the show and they are moved by the performance.


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Added stills and screencaptures of Ellen in the 2003 movie Old School. I will add some clips in the video archive this weekend.

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This was the last episode before next year. The show will return in February. I will take that time to do some catch up on the site.

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Added screencaptures of latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Also added additional stills for episodes 12×05, 12×06 & 12×07.

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